Organic Brazilian bird poop coffee – Jacu bird coffee

After cat shit and elephant poop coffee, the bird poop coffee is the latest kind to make it to the poop coffee list!

Is this organic coffee from bird droppings the most expensive coffee in the world?

Jacu bird poop coffee brewed

The jacu bird lives in South America and is known for something quite extraordinary; It flies from coffee plantation to coffee plantation and picks and eats the tastiest coffee cherries

Photo by trasel

The farmer Henrique Sloper founded Camocim organic coffee, but he was furious to see his more and more of his coffee crop disappear. Turns out the Jacu bird, an endangered pheasant-like bird was feasting on the red mocha and yellow bourbon berries. That is when he realised that he was sitting on a gold mine.

‘I watched open-mouthed from my living room as the Jacu bird selected only the ripest berries, leaving over half the bunch, even those that looked perfect to the human eye,’ he told Modern Farmer.

Mr Sloper quickly realized that the bird’s natural selection process, vegetarian diet and quick digestion (where beans aren’t contaminated by animal proteins and stomach acids) would have a ‘groundbreaking’ effect on coffee flavor. He infact had to announce a special extra pay for his coffee pickers who found any bird poop. Of course they need that extra incentive to go find poop in the fields.

These beans must then be cleaned and extracted from the bird shit by hand. The workers also get rid of the protective membrane around the coffee beans. Hey but they don’t do all this dirty work for nothing. It is reported that the skilled workers receive an extra $50 for finding the bird droppings which I’m sure reflects in the price of this coffee.That explains why its price is flying through the roof. A pound of this Jacu bird poop coffee retails for about $250 USD. It is described to have “a unique, nutty flavor with nuances of sweet aniseed,” according to Sloper. But is the taste really worth the price? You need to try some poop coffee to find out!!

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