How to brew kopi luwak – world’s most expensive coffee?

Kopi Luwak or cat poop coffee is the world’s most expensive coffee. Wild asian palm civet cat picks and eats the ripest and brightest coffee berries from coffee plantations. The cat poops out the undigested coffee beans which is then washed, roasted and used to make the most exquisite gourmet coffee – kopi luwak.

How to brew kopi luwak (cat poop coffee) 

Now you have already bought some of the world’s rarest gourmet coffee beverage.  You need to make sure you brew the roasted kopi luwak coffee beans properly to maximize the flavors of this highly coveted coffee. You don’t want to mess this up. Follow the steps below and you will never go wrong.

Buy the freshest whole kopi luwak coffee beans.

The first step to making the perfect cup of the coffee is to make sure you buy the right coffee beans. Just like regular coffee, make sure the beans are fresh. I will post a link soon on where to buy kopi luwak. Never buy ground kopi luwak. Make sure you are buying whole coffee beans. Ground coffee goes stale at a much faster rate than whole beans. Always buy smaller batches of coffee beans and grind just enough beans to brew your pot of coffee.

Never store you coffee beans for too long.

Unroasted beans can be stored for years without losing quality but this is not true for roasted beans. The quality of coffee beans deteriorates when stored for too long. So make sure you always order small batches of coffee and store them in air tight containers.

NEVER store you coffee beans in the fridge or freezer. Store it at room temperature, not too hot and definitely  not too cold.

Always use clean untreated water

The freshness of your coffee depends on the water. If you use chlorine treated water, your coffee will not taste right. Water that contains a lot of dissolved minerals will not allow the coffee to shine to its fullest. So the best bet is to use filtered water. It’s the best way to improve your brew.

The perfect temperature for water

Optimum water temperature for brewing coffee is 200° F (95° C). If the water is too hot, you’ll end up with coffee that tastes bitter or astringent. If it’s too cool, you’ll find the coffee flat and lifeless. Bring water just to a boil and then allow it to cool briefly (about 45 seconds) before brewing. Again never use microwave to heat water for making coffee.

Brewing the perfect cup of kopi luwak ( cat poop coffee)

Kopi Luwak aka cat poop coffee beans come from the ripest fruit eaten by the civet cat, digested and excreted in its droppings. It is then washed, dried and ground. The mammal’s digestion process gives the famed flavor of Luwak, the world’s rarest and most expensive coffee.

Grind the coffee right

The grind you will use depends on how you would like to brew your coffee. Use medium grind for drip coffee or little course if you will be using a french press. If you like an espresso grind the beans fine. Make sure the grind is consistent.

Freshly ground kopi luwak coffee beans

At $50 a cup, kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world considering it comes from cat poop

How much coffee to use

You want to make sure your coffee is not watered down nor is it too thick for your taste. I suggest using a ratio of 1: 15 that is one part of ground coffee to 15 parts of water. Again you can change this a bit depending on  your taste preference and the kind of brewing method you are going to use.

Brewing the most expensive coffee

Cat poop coffee brewed using a Chemex, the new manual drip coffee maker

The brewing methods

French Press

According to some experts, this is the single best way to prepare Kopi Luwak coffee because it allows prolonged contact between the water and coffee without boiling the coffee and without resulting in any ground coffee at the bottom of your mug.

Stove-top espresso maker (The moka pot)

A stove top espresso maker an Italian way of making coffee that produces a dark Kopi Luwak coffee. The moka pot is a 3 chamber coffee pot. The water is in the bottom chamber and boils when placed on the stove. The stream from the boiling water passes through the coffee in the second chamber. The resulting coffee collects in the top chamber.

Drip coffee

The most popular way of making drip coffee these days is using a Chemex.  Manual drip coffee makers are gaining popularity again compared to the automatic drip coffee makers. The manual drip coffee makers allow you to control the temperature of water and the ratio of water to ground coffee beans. Make sure you are using the chemex coffee filters that are around 20 -30% denser than regular filters. This is key to making drip coffee using Chemex.   You put the ground coffee beans in the filter then pour hot water just enough to cover the ground coffee. Then you wait a couple of seconds to let the coffee bloom. After the water first disappears in the grounds, slowly add more water, keeping the level just above the grounds. Measure your coffee grounds accurately and consistently, for an ever pleasing cup every time you make coffee. I have included a link on how to brew coffee using a Chemex in detail.

Follow the above 6 steps and voila, your perfect cup of kopi luwak is ready. Enjoy the pleasure of having the world’s most expensive cup of coffee.

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