Here’s the most expensive coffee in the world – Elephant poop coffee (aka black ivory coffee)

“Crappacino,” “Brew No. 2,” “Good to the last dropping” are some of the terms that have been used to describe the latest gourmet coffee beverage.

Black ivory coffee – beans being separated from Elephant dung

The cat poop coffee is no longer the most expensive of the coffee brews available. The most precious cup of coffee now comes out of….wait for it …an elephant’s ass. The specialty brew is known as ‘Black Ivory Coffee’ and is being produced in Thailand. A Canadian entrepreneur got inspired by the cat poop coffee and decided to produce poop coffee at a larger scale using the Thai elephants. The mammoths are fed a diet of fruits mixed with Arabica beans which then ferment inside the elephant’s stomach for 2 to 3 days before coming out of the other end. The elephant’s intestines act like giant fermentation tanks which are said to remove the bitterness and bring out the natural sugars from the coffee beans resulting in a smooth chocolaty brew.

The founder of Black Ivory Coffee says: “Fermentation is great for things like wine or beer or coffee, because it brings out the sugar in the bean, and it helps impart the fruit from the coffee pulp into the bean.”

How much does it cost?

Only about 50 kilograms of the stuff are available for purchase every year. The most sought after Black Ivory coffee costs about $70 a cup making it one of the world’s most expensive coffee. Just like any other industry, people pay for the experience and not just the product which is exactly the case with elephant poop coffee. With a limited offering at five star hotels in Asia and the middle east we will not be tasting this beastly brew anytime soon. However, there’s one small store in Comfort, Texas called “The Elephant Story” that’s selling the brew.

Watch the video to find out more:

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